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CEO Newsletter #3: Every Day Is Earth Day

CEO Newsletter #3: Every Day Is Earth Day

Hi plan(e)t lovers - 

It's been 10 months since we launched Cowbell, and I want to thank you for helping us grow! If you're new here (from the recent live markets, from Instagram, or just 3am plantsomnia), welcome. I pack these monthly(ish) newsletters with updates, plant care tips, first look promos, and upcoming events. Please let me know what else we can do to support your green journey this year.


1) Every Day Is Earth Day

Earth Day may be over, but our 1% For The Planet sustainability commitment is forever. 1% of your purchase goes toward planet-saving initiatives in water & ocean conservation, reforestation, and food desert relief every day. We proudly volunteer our time and support high-impact organizations like The Green Haven Project, Debris-Free Oceans, Vizcaya Gardens and Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens. If you'd like to join us at a future volunteer event in Miami, Los Angeles, or Brooklyn, please reply to this email :)

Earth Month Flash Promo! - For the rest of April, enjoy 15% off your entire Cowbell order with code "EARTHDAY". Thank you for helping make our planet 1% better.


2) Level Up: Easy Plant Care Hacks We Use Every Day

Baking Soda: Sprinkling a teaspoon into your tomato plants can sweeten the harvest. Baking soda neutralizes the acidity in your tomato crop, producing sweeter fruit.

Cowbell Mini Tubes: Reuse your Cowbell Mini tubes as seed starters for your summer garden! Simply fill it with soil, plant your seed or tuber, and once it begins to sprout, transfer the entire tube into a bigger pot or directly into the ground. Cowbell packaging is biodegradable, including all tape, trays and inserts.

Egg Shells: Mix egg shells into your soil to give plants an extra dose of calcium carbonate to lower acidity. Or sprinkle egg shells around your outdoor vegetables and seedlings to deter snails and other pests.


 3) Growth and Failure Podcast: The Cowbell Story

In January I got a call from Yinh Hinh, jetsetting bad@$$ financier and host of the ever-inspiring "Growth and Failure" podcast, after she discovered Cowbell at the Plant'd store in San Francisco. Given her incredible roster of past podcast guests, I was so honored she asked me to share my journey from growing up with no hot running water to immigrating to the US, to surviving a 15 year career on Wall Street, to the trials and tribulations of inventing and bootstrapping Cowbell Plant Co. over the past 2 years. Check out the podcast here. And Spotify link here.


4) We're Popping Up In A City Near You

It was wonderful meeting you at our pop-ups so far this year, from the Tamiami International Orchid Festival in January, to the NY Now Gift Show in February, to the Market for Makers in April! Check out photos in our events gallery, and come say hello at these future events in New York, Florida, California, and more!.


5) Introducing: The Cowbell Gift Set

For email subscribers only, first dibs on our Cowbell Gift Set, perfect for Mother's Day! Write a gift note in the check-out section and we'll include a card and gift packaging in your order, gratis :) 


6) Pro-Tip: Did You Know Your Cowbell has 2 Settings?

Lid on vs Lid off! As we approach summer, you may be starting to move your plants outdoors. If you find that your plant is in need of more water than your Cowbell can keep up with (for example if you live in the tropical/desert regions and your plant is in full sun evaporating or transpiring quickly), you can take the Cowbell lid off completely to release the vacuum inside the reservoir. This lets the water flow a bit faster. We don't recommend doing this all the time as it will overwater your plant indoors, but you might find this helps for extra-thirsty plants like peace lilies or flowering plants as we approach higher temps. The lid-off approach also helps if you are using Cowbell for the first time in a plant that has dried out so much that the soil has become hydrophobic. This lets the soil have a deep and even drink slowly over the course of 24 hours, allowing all the soil pores to rehydrate without over-saturating. 


7) We Now Ship to UK and Europe!

After some ship-shifting, we are excited to finally be offering flat-rate shipping to the UK and Europe! Our Canadian customers can still enjoy our subsidized economy and priority shipping rates. If you live outside our shipping zones, please respond to this email and let us know where we should ship to next.


8) Your Plant Care Concierge: 1-888-98-PLANT

Do you lie awake at night wondering whether you should repot your monstera? Are you at the nursery and wondering which plant to bring home that won't choke Chairman Meow? Did you recently discover white fuzzies on your leaves and not sure if you should whip out the Swiffer or don a hazmat suit and spray down your house with neem? Text or call our helpline 1-888-98-PLANT. We're here to help.


9) Oh Yea, We Won A Design Award!

I feel like we got invited to sit with the cool kids :] Check out our "Best Homegrown Product" mention in the latest issue of Modern Luxury Interiors Best of Design 2024. 


10) Thank you Florida Int'l University

Thank you to Professor Adam Roddy and his biology students at FIU! We loved sharing the Cowbell story and look forward to future collabs with FIU's Institute of Environment and Department of Biological Sciences. 


11) Please Leave Us a Review

If you've purchased a Cowbell, we'd love your feedback. Please leave us a review for your Cowbell Classic here and your Cowbell Mini here. Your feedback helps us innovate and make Cowbell more suitable to your needs. Thank you for helping us grow! 


12) Bonus Fun Plant Fact: Fastest Growing Plant

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world and can grow 3 feet (0.9 meters) a day! Cowbell's spike is made partly from this renewable resource which is also water-stable.


Thank you for reading this far. If you'd like to subscribe to future newsletters, please add your email to our form below! We promise to only send you the good stuff, sparingly.

Happy Spring and Happy Planting!


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