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Georgia Jekyll Island Land Beach Ocean
Georgia Jekyll Island Land Beach Ocean

Plants ~ People ~ Planet

Here at Cowbell, we want to empower humanity in creating a greener, more sustainable planet, together.

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Start with Small Wins

We believe saving the planet starts with simple steps that result in small wins which add up over time.

That's why we set out to solve a single problem of helping modern plant parents keep plants alive longer by providing the most innovative and elegant self-watering product on the market. Thriving plants = happier plant parents = healthier homes.

American Small Business

We are a small business based in South Florida with a global supply chain spanning 3 continents.

Final assembly and quality assurance happens in our warehouse in Miami, from where each box of Cowbell is fulfilled and shipped.

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Cowbell Self Watering Plant Care Kit Hand Made Porcelain Spike Cone

Small Batch Production

To make our patent-pending watering spike, we partnered with a family-run business specializing in kaolin clay. Kaolin's unique properties have been prized since Neolithic times.

Each clay spike is molded by hand, then fired in a traditional kiln over several days, ensuring consistent performance.

Passion x Impact

An MIT alum's quest to take the stress out of plant care and save every houseplant from an untimely demise. The result is Cowbell.

Our founder story
Cowbell Founder Jeanna Liu
Cowbell is 1% for the planet

Commitment to Sustainability

We value planet over profit. $1 of every box of Cowbell goes towards ocean conservation projects around the world including local programs in South Florida where we are headquartered.

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