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How Much Water Does A Caladium Lindenii Need?

How Much Water Does A Caladium Lindenii Need?

Based on our research, a mature caladium lindenii in a 1.25 gallon (~6.25" diameter container) in well-draining soil requires 750mL of water over 2 weeks indoors, which is approximately 45-55mL of water a day. During the growing season, it will be on the higher end of this range versus the cooler months when it will need less. 

Other care tips to help your caladium lindenii thrive:

1. Use a well-draining mix. We use 1 part potting soil to 1 part perlite, and mix in a handful of sphagnum throughout the container.

2. Place 3-10 feet from a bright window

3. Use a natural fertilizer solution every 2-3 weeks during the growing season, or year-round if you live in a temperate to tropical climate

4. Give roots consistent access to water

We have found that caladium lindenii do well with consistent moisture. When plants have a consistent water source like with our self-watering Cowbell, they are less stressed about needing to store water and conserve energy. This means you’ll start to see consistently healthy growth.

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