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Jeanna Liu Cowbell Founder


Jeanna always loved nature. But growing up in a third-world country without hot running water made her appreciate the importance of water conservation from a young age.

Planting gardens and caring for the environment made her feel rooted especially as her parents moved the family around the world from Shanghai to Michigan to California to Minnesota.

After graduating MIT, a demanding Wall Street career had her traveling for months at a time, leaving her plants to fend for themselves in her NYC apartment. To keep her plants alive, she tried everything on the market but found nothing lasted longer than a week. She finally DIY’d her own self-watering systems, conducting rigorous R&D on the hydration needs of plants in the process.

As more people became plant parents during the pandemic (many with not-so-green thumbs), she began thinking about how she could take the stress out of plant care by bringing her inventions to market. The seed for Cowbell Plant Co. was planted.

Jeanna left her 15-year corporate career in 2022 and set out to create a premium, elegant, self-watering product that would last over 2 weeks. More importantly, she wanted to do it with sustainability top-of-mind. A year later with four patents pending, the result is Cowbell.

She now dedicates all her time to growing Cowbell with primary operations in sunny Miami. When not developing new products for Cowbell, she can be found volunteering, traveling, and making music.

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