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CEO Newsletter #1: The Worm Who Slept In

CEO Newsletter #1: The Worm Who Slept In

Hi Cowbell friends!

When I launched Cowbell this summer, I vowed for it to be a different kind of company; one that puts plants, people, and planet over profit. That's why we'll never blast you with endless emails announcing discounts and *more discounts* and **discounts extended**! And quite frankly, my personal motto has always been "Be the worm who sleeps in on Black Friday." Instead, we'll always try to make your lives a little easier, a little greener, a little more interesting.

We'll keep this inaugural edition of the Cowbell Plant Club newsletter to the point: 

1) #GivingTuesday

Did you know that every time you buy a Cowbell, $1 goes toward ocean conservancy and reforestation projects as part of our 1% For The Planet sustainability pledge? Here's an interesting CNN article to ponder about a potential dystopian future where travel is rationed with carbon passports.

2) Introducing Bundles

So many of you requested Cowbell multi-pack options that we have finally launched Cowbell Bundles! Now you can save 10% on a 2-pack15% on a 3-pack, and up to 30% on a 6-pack.

3) Minis Are Sold Out But

Our first run of Limited Edition Cowbell Mini 250mL sold out in under a week! But thanks to the hustle of the ceramic family business we partnered with, we were able to add another very small batch in time to ship for holiday stocking stuffers! You are all awesome, but also please get your Cowbell Mini before they sell out again.

4) Come Visit Us at a Live Event

It was so much fun meeting so many of you at the Fairchild Mango Festival, The Rare Plant Festival, and the SF Plant'd events this year. Stay tuned for future live Cowbell pop-ups in 2024 (May in DC, and October in Brooklyn). 

5) Media & Press

If you recently found Cowbell through Katie CouricWIREDCountry Living, or AFAR, welcome to our green family!

6) Fun Plant Fact

Did you know that plants cry when stressed? Check out this cool study from Scientific American.

7) Cowbell FAQ: Do Cowbells Work on Moss Poles?

Many of you have asked if Cowbells work for moss poles or moss-based substrates. The short answer is yes, but you have to leave the lid slightly open so that the water is not suspended in a vacuum and can slow drip out by itself. As you know, Cowbell works by keeping the water suspended in a vacuum so water does not drip out by itself. It relies on the root pressure and soil pressure to draw water from our spike when thirsty. But with moss poles, there is no root pressure, so we have to let gravity slow drip water out by removing the vacuum in the reservoir. But note that while Cowbell typically works for ~2 weeks, it will only last a few days at most using this method. We are working on a product JUST for moss poles and moss-based/bark-based substrates, though, that will last much longer, so stay tuned! 

8) Text Us : 1-888-98-PLANT

Did you know you can text us with questions about Cowbell or plants anytime? Yes, we may have even answered questions about whether we think Shopify stock is overvalued or not in this current macro environment, but we prefer answering questions about plants, so text us anytime :) 

9) Reviews

If you've purchased a Cowbell and love it, please consider leaving us a review on the website! There might be a special holiday gift headed your way if you do!

When you signed up for this Cowbell Plant Club newsletter, we promised we'd only send you the good stuff. If you have any requests for what you'd like to read about in future newsletters, please let us know! If you'd like to leaf us, you can always unsubscribe below.


Happy planting!

Jeanna (and the Cowbells)

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